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Schools 4 communities: Brighton & Hove Schools Action Group

Secondary school admissions in Brighton & Hove

The Working Group (WG) on Secondary Admissions was reconvened in May 2006. Consisting of six city councilors from the four main political parties and four members of the Parent Stakeholder Group (PSG), it will make its recommendations to the Children, Families and Schools Committee in November 2006.

There were a number of public meetings between 26 June and 11 July 2006 at various locations around the city. At these meetings Council officers, Members, PSG and WG representatives presented the options and models they were considering. See Some reflections on Gil Sweetenham's SSA presentation to parents and on the current review for more info.

Headteachers were also directly consulted as part of the process, and there is also a large bank of evidence and comment from the previous year's work. This, together with feedback from the public meetings will help inform the WG's and PSG's proposals.

The earliest possible date within Government regulations at which changes to the arrangements could be introduced for those pupils who will transfer to secondary school would be September 2008.

BHSAG's 2005-06 campaign
In February 2006 the Children, Families and Schools Committee accepted the recommendations of the Admissions Committee Report that there be no change to the admissions system for 2006 and 2007.

Go to the archive to see how the BHSAG website followed the campaign that lead to that decision.