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CFS Adopts Proposals

Children's Families and Schools Committee – Decision List from 6th November 2006

  1. That the Committee approves the proposed admissions policy set out in paragraphs 2.2 to 2.10 below in principle;
  2. That a statutory consultation be undertaken with schools on the basis of those proposals for admissions arrangements from 2008 put forward by the Working Group, including the fixed catchment areas set out in the appendices, recognising that these proposals may be amended in the light of that consultation, particularly in relation to the catchment area fro Patcham High School;
  3. That if Falmer becomes an academy, its catchment area be reviewed;
  4. That the sibling link is changed to only apply within the designated fixed catchment areas from September 2013. After 2013 should families move out of a catchment area then the sibling link will cease. Should families be directed out of their catchment area then any sibling link, established by that move, will be retained;
  5. That Brighton and Hove adopt an equal preference system as part of the oversubscription criteria from September 2008;
  6. That an electronic ballot is used in the event of oversubscription within catchment areas, rather than distance measurement;
  7. That a subsequent ballot is used in the event of oversubscription from outside of the catchment areas;
  8. That in the event of a ballot being required, twins and other same age sibling combinations will be treated as a single ballot entry should their parents or carers wish it;
  9. That this system will be reviewed in 2012 or earlier if there is a substantial increase in the number of young people living in city requiring secondary school places, or there is a significant shift in numbers within catchment areas; and
  10. That the CYPT should negotiate with secondary schools annually to ensure that limited oversubscription (up to 15 students per school) within any catchment area should be addressed by the addition of extra places, for that year, rather than necessitate local students having to leave their identified catchment area.

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