Schools 4 communities: Brighton & Hove Schools Action Group

Statutory 6-Week Consultation with Schools

The council have asked the views of schools and school governors on the proposed secondary admissions changes. These views will apparently held in a file available for Councillors on the Children Families and Schools (CFS) Committee to view "if they wish".

We believe that the closure of the consulation period on 12th January is not sufficient time for governors to obtain the views of schools and parents, especially given the 2-week Christmas break. It is certainly not enough time to respond informativley to these very complex proposals.

The consultation is a statutory requirment but it seems to be very much a rubber stamping process as far as the council is concerned.

We are encouraging all governors to copy CFS councillors into their responses and Schools 4 Communities intends to request a formal copy of all governor respones to ensure their views are heard.

Note any changes made in respect of these proposals will require a further consultation period.

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